Nicksons Ltd Est. 1920

Nicksons Ltd was established by Joseph Nickson over 100 years ago and has been a longstanding family business. Over the years Nicksons Ltd has been many things, from wheel rights, funeral directors, joiners & house builders; before settling into the DIY, hardware, cookware and fitted interior specialists we are today.

30 Years of Nicksons Interiors

The fitted interiors side of Nicksons was started 40 years ago by David Nickson and was a natural step to take from the successful DIY and joinery business built up by his father, Harry Nickson. Since then, this side of the business has built a very strong and successful reputation. Year after year we have used our wealth of trade experience to install beautiful kitchens, bedrooms and interior solutions into our clients properties.

James Nickson Bespoke Design is Born

26 years ago, I followed in my father’s footsteps, working in the family business. My passion for problem solving and design fit so well with this industry that I found myself enjoying my role immensely. 26 years later, I am still passionate about what we do here and having put so much of myself into maintaining and enhancing the reputation built up by my family over the years, I wanted the identity of the interiors department to reflect that… James Nickson Bespoke Design is born.

About the Team

We are a modest team in number, but we boast a wealth of experience. Laura, Imogen, and myself have over 40 years design experience between us and our installation team brings over 60 years of trade experience to the table, along with an in-depth knowledge of construction; allowing us to get involved with and facilitate much more than just installing fitted furniture.

Meet the Team

James Nickson: Director, Designer, Project Manager

Laura Cox: Designer

Imogen Wareing: Designer

Dave Jenner: Project Facilitator

Raymond Sanderson: Installation & Building

John Kehoe: Installation & Building

Richard Shackleton: Installation

Misha Leskovetc : Installation