Carnival Crazy

This style is all about intense and vibrant colours. Bold and uplifting statement walls and patterns should be used to create the carnival ‘feel good’ factor. Offset the bold colours with warm metals like copper, brass and gold or even earthy greys for an effective contrast.

Natural & Bright

To achieve a natural brightness in your room, shades of white and soft grey are the ideal colours to use, and they can be broken up with contrasting, stronger colours. To add another natural element to the room, use light to mid-toned woods without an overly ‘finished’ look.

Living in Nature

Bring the outside in with vibrant greens, rich browns and natural stone greys & whites. Accent these colours with textured fabrics and add botanical prints to your wallpaper and pictures in the room. Combine the natural feel of the space with industrial style furniture for an effective finish.

Perfect Pastels

Pastels offer a calming and subtle influence to any space & can be combined with bold colours for impact. Whether used alongside natural looking materials or more contemporary finishes; the combination of pastel colours with accessories is key to creating the right ambience for your room.

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